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Website Are Complicated (If You Don’t Know Websites).

We KNOW Websites. We also know how frustrating and time consuming it can be for anyone even thinking of having a website without prior knowledge; so we decided to make it as easy and painless as possible. Is this for everyone? No. There is no one-size fits all solution in web design and that’s okay. What we offer is a solution to help you quickly get online with a beautifully customized website built with you in mind.

We Make It Possible To Be Live in 30 Days.

We’ve created a series of in-house layout capsules that help us quickly identify the best combination for your unique site. And most websites are generally just that, a combination of text areas and images with different placements. By turning these layouts into template shells it allows us to swiftly advance to the design phase, cutting the development time nearly in half.

Our Process

Phase 1


This is where we gather all the information we’ll need through our kick-off call + intake form to learn more about your business and your needs.

Phase 2

Research + Discovery

Once you’re on board, we’ll use the intake to dig into your market,  develop a design concept, and source any assets we may need.

Phase 3

Layout + Design

Here we start to bring your project to life. Implementing the layout for your review, then sharing designs and prototypes for feedback.

Phase 4

Test + Launch

Usually lasting about a week, this phase helps us work on any bugs and tweaks to the site on our test servers before going live. Then we launch!

Our Work

We can also help with…

Email Setup

Let us help you set up your email through G-suite with your dot com.


We can keep your website safe on our servers. Pick the plan that’s right for you.


With our maintenance packages, we can do monthly upkeep on your site.


How long will it take to go live with my website?

We do our best to streamline the web design process with your target date in mind. With that being said, there are also a lot of moving parts to every project. If we are provided with everything up front, including brand assets, complete page contents, and prompt feedback your site can be live in 6-8 weeks. However, if there are any delays in the aforementioned requests, then you’re looking at a live date closer to 8-12 weeks. We also recommend an additional week of testing to make sure we’ve worked out any issues prior to your official launch.

Can you handle everything so I don’t have to worry about it?

Yes, and we actually do it for most of our clients. It eliminates the hassle of having to deal with different providers to get you up and running. It also allows us to make sure your online presence is always secure and up to date under one little roof.

Will there be any on-going costs?

After we’ve launched your website, the only on going costs will be hosting and maintenance if you sign up for those services with us which are billed separately. Your domain name will be billed by your provider (i.e. GoDaddy, etc.). Otherwise, after you are paid in full there are no other additional costs associated with us for your website.

Do you include your company’s logo on my website?

We are very proud of the work we do with every client and as a result we automatically include a “designed by” line on the footer fine-print of your site (which does not include our logo, just small text). Our high hopes are that you are proud to wear our small by-line on your site; but if requested, we can remove it. 

I have a website but need it redesigned, can you help?

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How do you accept payments?

All of our payments are processed online. You can pay securely with any major debit or credit card once you receive your invoice. Corporate clients are allowed to pay with a check by mail or online bill pay system such as bill.com. We will send a copy of your receipt after every payment.

Do you have payment plans?

For projects $5k and up we offer payment plans split into 3 or 4 equal parts. The payments are usually due upon completion of a milestone set in the project. This overrides our standard 50% deposit policy to initiate a project, which allows you to start a project with only a 33% or 25% deposit. Terms must be agreed upon prior to kickoff.  

I need a quick turnaround, can you still take us on?

Speed is our specialty but we reserve it for cases where it is absolutely necessary. If this is your case, then for a premium we can work around the clock to deliver your project lightning fast. However, we like to manage our clients expectations and although some projects can be turned around in 24 hours, a website isn’t within that threshold. As a rule of thumb, projects with a quick turnaround are usually delivered in half the normal estimated time. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Little House Big Idea has created a wonderful website for me, www.mayemusk.com. Eugene has great design ideas, is open to changes, and edits efficiently. Thank you so much!”

Maye Musk Author/Model/Dietitian/Speaker

“Eugene did our website design for Faces In The Dark Tattoo. Not only did it turn out better than anticipated, but he completed everything in a timely manner and has always been prompt in responding to any questions we have regarding the site.”

Becca Grant Operations Manager, Faces in the Dark Tattoo

“Eugene worked on developing and creating my website for my ecommerce clothing store and I cannot express deeply enough my gratitude and happiness with his work. He is patient, creative, and highly knowledgeable in the design and website space.”

Juliana Iglesias Founder, Bootē Brand

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